Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012

TBS 6981 after upgrade to Kernel 3.0.0


as a linux users with a good background in security I do update and upgrade my mythbuntu box on a regular basis. Even if it's an private LAN - there are more vulnerable clients in the same LAN and they could be used as a hop to attack the mythtv box.

So, after a nice
apt-get dist-upgrade
to migrate to mythbuntu 11.10 I suddenly had Kernel 3.0.0 in use. Bad karma for my two lovely, rock solid Technotrend S3200 DVB-S2 cards. Both cards could not lock on a transponder anymore, LiveTV was gone. Within the status field on mythfrontend the transponder status became
for about 15 seconds and then mythtv complained about a missing lock.

According to this is a known bug. Comments about the TT S3200 card were bad and I was not in the mood to re-compile a stock mythbuntu kernel.

So I searched for alternatives and found the TBS 6981 card, judging by comments the best DVB-S2 card available. And it has a PCIe interface and twin tuners - awesome!

Purchased on Amazon, delivered next day. Installation quite straightforward:
  1. Copy linux drivers from
  2. Transfer to mythtv box into /tmp
  3. mkdir TBS6981 && cd TBS6981
  4. unzip ../
  5. tar -xvjf linux-tbs-drivers.tar.bz2
  6. cd linux-tbs-drivers
  7. ./v4l/ (for I32 Kernel 3.0.0)
  8. make
  9. make install
  10. reboot
Great - 5 minutes of work. mythtv worked out of the box without any changes on the backend.

Best thing: the new TBS 6981 card is way more sensitive than the Technotrend S2-3200! Signal quality increased from 2% to 76%, SNR ratio from 2.0 dB to 4.8dB. What a good buy!

If you wonder about the small numbers with the TT S2 3200 card - I am using a tiny Selfsat dish.

Summary: Perfect card. Ultimate recommendation.

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