Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

MythTV - My Setup

The 1st Post

It's now almost five year since I started to use MythTV - based on Debian and Mythbuntu - as my personal PVR solution. Over the last five years my setup changed frequently and I had good and quite bad experiences with MythTV. But I thought now that it make sense to share some of the tips, gotchas and solutions I found over the years...

For all of you who are not really familiar with MythTV - it's a Linux based personal TV/recording/movie playback solution. A nightmare to setup, but once it's working it's just a dream...

My current setup is a combined backend and frontend solution (as I do not have a basement to keep the backend somewhere else). Based on a Quad-Core at 2.83 GHz (M-version) with 4 GB of RAM it has one single 160 GB SSD for operating system and 2 x 2 TB for TV recording - this totals to about 4.000hrs of standard SD television or about 1.500hrs of HDTV television. The system is tied to a Denon AVR 1709 DTS Receiver and Teufel Boxen and a 50 inch plasma TV.

Some archived recordings are stored on an external QNAP NAS filer - I prefer RAID5 or RAID6 over storing data on single drives combined with the MythTV backend.

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